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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Super Midrange D-200 Strobe

Guide Number 20 and UNDERWATER coverage 110 degree.
The next generation lightweight and reasonable standard D-200 strobe equipped optically designed dome lens offering wide 110 degree coverage UNDERWATER without any diffuser which can sacrifice power, is released on September 8th, 2018.

--Release date: September 8th, 2018
--JAN code: 456212143 893 4

Front Side Back

■ D-200 Features ■

Dome Lens delivers UNDERWATER coverage 110 degree without sacrificing power
Guide Number 20.
Precisely designed front dome lens (*1) together with INON’s unique "T-shape twin flash" widens powerful strobe light without sacrifice any power to accomplish UNDERWATER coverage circular 110 degree.

Not as like a conventional translucent diffuser which can widen coverage while it has to sacrifice power and store heat inside, this specially designed dome lens diffuse light thanks to reflection ratio of air, acrylic and water to attain UNDERWATER coverage 110 degree with all powerful output coming through. Comparing to the previous "D-2000" strobe, both of power and underwater coverage has been improved.

D-200 front dome lens
Furthermore, the D-200 has overcame drawback of high-power strobe which has long flash duration and reaches to FULL power in significantly short period of time after start flashing.
Together with flashing system in sync with pre-flash and main flash of camera’s built-in flash, the D-200 can deliver full power even at 1/1000 high shutter speed setting without cutting power

PAT. P on the dome lens system to widen underwater coverage.

● Bundled "Strobe Light Shade" to prevent shining camera lens
The "Strobe Light Shade" is bundled as standard accessory to cut a part of strobe light to benefit not shining camera lens directly to dramatically suppress ghost or flare and backscatter when the strobe is located to significantly close to a lens port or using side lighting technique.
The shade rotates 360 degree. Intuitive operation with light clicks offers comfortable adjustment even underwater.

Strobe Light Shade is removable.

The shade goes to any position.

● Radiation system to release generated heat inside
The D-200 strobe is equipped with circular metal heatsink carrying high thermal conductivity around light emitting area. The heatsink can release heat generated inside of the strobe by each shot effectively to underwater. Improved heat tolerance has resolved heat problem typically accompanied with powerful strobe. No stress with sudden stop of flashing to cool down.

● 220 lumen, Shutter-linked AUTO OFF Focus Light
The built-in "Shutter-linked Auto-Off Focus Light" delivers 220lm brightness to support when focusing a subject and cease in synch with the shutter release and automatically turns ON again.
To aim optical axis of the Focus Light in line with strobe light’s optical axis, the Focus Light has a fresnel lens in front supporting more accurate strobe aiming and improved usability.

Upper: D-200 Focus Light trajectory (underwater).
Lower: D-2000 (previous model) Focus Light trajectory (underwater).

● Conspicuous Phosphorescence Back Panel and Improved Intuitive Control Dials
Using white base high-intensity phosphorescence material for the back panel to improve visibility both during day and night dive.

Left: Back panel (daytime)
Right: Back panel (night time when emitting light)

Also control dials are enlarged for user-friendly controllability even through thick gloves during cold water diving.

Large Main Mode Switch, EV Control Switch

● S-TTL Auto /13 Steps Manual Flash Mode
INON’s proven and reliable auto exposure system “S-TTL” is equipped to benefit you with easy yet reliable accurate exposure. In addition, optimized high performance slave sensor never miss camera’s trigger signal even faint or partially damaged fiber optics cable can trigger the strobe to offer faultless triggering.

Precisely 1/2EV. increments 13 steps Manal flash control is onboard to support professional use requiring fine flash output adjustments.

● Wide Variety of Dome Filters
The D-200 strobe has a bayonet system to hold a strobe dome filter (*2) to attach/remove easily.
Besides bundled "Strobe Dome Filter SOFT" which protects dome lens surface and softens strobe light, optional "Strobe Dome Filter ND" which steps down at -4EV, "Strobe Dome Filter [4600K]" which changes native color temperature to 4600K and "Strobe Dome Filter [4900K]" which changes to 4900K are available.

•Strobe Dome Filter Soft (*2)
--Bundled accessory

•Strobe Dome Filter ND (*2)
-- To be released in 2018
-- JAN code: 456212143 862 0

•Strobe Dome Filter [4600K] (*2)
-- Available in the market
-- JAN code: 456212143 864 4

•Strobe Dome Filter [4900K] (*2)
-- Available in the market
-- JAN code: 456212143 863 7

Left: Bundled Strobe Dome Filter SOFT.
Right: The Strobe Dome Filter SOFT installed on the D-200.

Left: Optional Strobe Dome Filter ND installed on the D-200
Center: Optional Strobe Dome Filter [4600K] installed on the D-200
Right: Optional Strobe Dome Filter [4900K] installed on the D-200

Strobe Dome Filters are designed to use for D-200/Z-330 only and not usable for any other strobes.

● Underwater weight -4g/0.14oz, Dramatically Lightweight
Underwater weight of the D-200 is 4g/0.14oz negative including the Strobe Light Shade and 4 x AA batteries (eneloop), which is much lighter than previous model D-2000 strobe (underwater weight: 47g/1.7oz) supporting comfortable strobe position adjustment when shooting or swimming.

● Optical Trigger Supported
The D-200 is equipped with high performance slave sensor to trigger optically by optical triggering signal (i.e. camera’s built-in flash).

Optical cable connection

● D-200 Specifications

August 5th, 2018

*Press release information is as of August 5th, 2018 and subject to change without prior notice.


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