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Friday, May 27, 2005

UWL-100 28AD Wide Conversion Lens / 28AD Port

INON Inc. release dual use (underwater/land) wide conversion lens and accessory for a digital camera with wide master lens of 28mm at wide side on May 27th, 2005.On June 2nd, 2005, exclusive port for Olympus "PT-027" /"PT-020"(*1) ; genuine water-proof housing for Olympus digital camera " C-7070WZ "/"C-5060WZ"(*1), is released.

  • "UWL-100 28AD Wide Conversion Lens"
  • Release date: May 27th, 2005
  • "Lens Hood for UWL-100 28AD"
  • Release date: May 27th, 2005
  • "Dome Spacer for UWL-100 28AD"
  • Release date: May 27th, 2005
  • "28AD Port for PT-027/020"
  • Release date: June 2nd, 2005

    [Configuration example for ultra wide shot]
  • Olympus "C-7070WZ"(*1) + Olympus "PT-027"(*1)
  • "28AD Port・PT-027/020"
  • "Dome Lens Unit for UWL-100"
  • "UWL-100 28AD"
  • "Dome Spacer for UWL-100 28AD"
  • "D-2000"
  • "-0.5 White Diffuser for D-2000/Z-220/Z-220S (TTL/Manual)"
  • "Optical D Cable/Cap W9 Set"
  • "Grip Base DIII・with Rubber Grip D"
  • "Arm SS Set Z"

  • [Configuration example for wide shot]
  • Canon "S70"/"S60"(*1) + Canon "WP-DC40"(*1)
  • "28AD Mount Base・DC40"
  • "UWL-100 28AD" + "Lens Hood for UWL-100 28AD"
  • "D-2000"
  • "-0.5 Blue Diffuser for D-2000/D-180/D-180S (External Auto)"
  • "Optical D Cable/Cap W17 Set"
  • "Grip Base DII・ with Rubber Grip D"
  • "Arm SS Set Z"

  • (*1)Please contact Olympus Co. or Canon Inc. for detailed information of camera/housing.

    Please see link below for other information regarding each product.
  • UWL-100 28AD Wide Conversion Lens
    [News]New Wide Conversion Lens "UWL-100 28AD" will be coming soon
  • 28AD Port for PT-027/020
  • [News]Accessory for Olympus PT-027/020

May 27th, 2005

Thursday, May 5, 2005

Accessories for Nikon WP-CP4

On June 2nd, INON Inc. release accessories for Nikon "WP-CP4"(*1) which is genuine water-proof protector for "CoolPix 7900/5900 (*1)"

  • "AD Mount Base・CP4/2"(*)
  • "Optical D Cable/Cap W 11 Set" (Already available)

    "AD Mount Base・CP4/2" with WP-CP4 / CoolPix7900

    Wide variety of INON products like "AD Mount Series" attachment lens and/or "D-2000"Strobe can be attached to WP-CP4/WP-CP2 via above accessories.

    (*)"AD Mount Base・CP2" is discontinued and "AD Mount Base・CP4/2" is compatible with "CoolPix 5200/4200"/"WP-CP2".

    [Configuration example]
  • Nikon "CoolPix7900" + Nikon "WP-CP4"
  • "AD Mount Base・CP4/2"
  • "UFL-165AD"
  • "D-2000"
  • "Optical D Cable/Cap W11 Set"
  • "Grip Base DIIwith Rubber Grip D"
  • "Arm SS Set Z"
  • "AD Lens Holder" + "UCL-165AD"

  • "AD Mount Base・CP4/2" enables compatible Nikon camera system to have INON "UFL-165AD Fish-eye Conversion Lens" , "UWL-105AD Wide Conversion Lens" or "UCL-165AD Close-up Lens".

    Attaching additional "Grip Base DII with Rubber Grip D" and "Optical D Cable/Cap W11 Set" further enables the camera system to have compatible External Auto Strobe "D-2000" etc.
    Other strobe manufacturer's conventional "External Auto Metering" system has been hard to get correct exposure with point and shoot digital camera like "CoolPix7900/5900" while "S-TTL Auto Metering" system of "D-2000" acquires correct exposure for point and shoot digital camera simply by pressing shutter release button.
    INON fiber optics connection is free from flooding problem at connecting point and easy to upgrade for dual TTL strobe configuration.
    "Grip Base DIII・with Rubber Grip D" and "Optical D Cable" is just necessary to add 2nd strobe. Various shooting situation from "Fish-eye shot" to "Ultra Macro shot" is readily achievable.

    (*1)Please contact Nikon Co. for detailed information of camera/protector.

May 27th, 2005

TTL Auto Strobe Z-220F is released

INON Inc. release new TTL Auto Strobe "Z-220F" on May 31st, 2005. "Z-220F" is successor of Z-220 Strobe.

  • Underwater TTL Auto Strobe "Z-220F"(*)

  • "Z-220F"(*) "Z-220 is discontinued and succeeded to "Z-220F". "Z-220S" is available continuously.

Main feature of "Z-220F" [Different feature from"Z-220"]
--Focus Light ON Mode--
    In addition to "Shutter Linked Focus Light" function of "Z-220", now "Z-220F" offers "Focus Light ON mode". By placing a magnet into "Light Mode Selector Switch" located in synch connector, Focus Light is turned ON/OFF at strobe side. (*1)

    The "Focus Light ON mode" enables compact digital camera(*2) to use Focus Light and activate Focus Light even the strobe is used as slave strobe(*2). A SLR camera system(*3) which does not have a signal to activate Focus Light also can use Focus Light with this mode.

    (*1)Shutter Linked Auto OFF function does not work when "Focus Light ON mode" is selected. Turn off Focus Light or attach "Light Filter・Blue" to prevent Focus Light from exposing in an image.

    (*2)"Focus Light ON mode" properly works when INON "Optical D cable/Cap W Set" or "Optical D Slave Cable" is used to connect the strobe with compatible compact digital camera. INON Inc. does not guarantee proper operation of this mode other than INON fiber optics connection.

    (*3)Following camera system is compatible with this mode. INON Inc. does not guarantee proper operation of this mode with other SLR camera system.
    INON X1-Z
    INON X1
    Nikon D70 + Anthis Nexus D70 housing(NCC-TM)

  • Removal of Target Laser
  • Shutter Linked Auto ON/OFF Target Laser is not equipped.

  • Basic function is same as Z-220 Strobe.Fundamental feature like [G.N. 22(air, ISO100・m) of full flash], [1.5 seconds of minimum recycle time], [11 Steps of Manual Setting at 1/2 EV increments] , [Circular 100°x 100°beam with T-shaped Twin Flash] and [Clear Photo System] is same as Z-220 Strobe

May 27th, 2005


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