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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Nikonos 5pin connector equipped D-2000W / D-2000Wn is released

We are pleased to announce the higher-end models "D-2000W" and "D-2000Wn" compatible with connections to a wide range of camera systems, equipped with a Nikonos 5 pin-type electrical connector along with the sophisticated features of INON "D-2000".

  • Underwater "S-TTL" Automatic Strobe Light "D-2000W"
  • Scheduled released date: October 26th, 2005
  • Underwater "S-TTL" Automatic Strobe Light "D-2000Wn"
  • Release date to be announced

    "D-2000W"/"D-2000Wn" Product Image
    [Left: Front of each strobe]
    [Center: "D-2000W" control panel]
    [Right: "D-2000Wn" control panel]

Main features of the product [focusing mainly on differences compared to "D-2000"]

--Connectable to electric cable camera systems --
    All of the next generation features of the conventional model, "D-2000 " are inherited on top of the newly added conventional Nikonos 5 pin-type electrical connector. Connectable to conventional film camera systems or digital camera systems that cannot emit light from the built-in strobe using the conventional electric cable.

--The best match for digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras, and also flexibly corresponds to camera system upgrades.--
    Wish DSLR camera systems, under conventional "electric cable" connections, greater flexibility in lighting is achieved by "External Auto" control mode that allows 24 steps of fine adjustments in 1/4 EV increments or "Manual" mode that allows adjustment of light output in 13 steps in 1/2 EV increments.
    When future upgrades of the camera system allows "Optical D cable" connection, "Fully Automatic Shooting using the 'S-TTL Auto' control mode is available. D-2000W/D-2000Wn offers flexible system configuration through 2-WAY connection of "Electric" / "Optical".

--New light control system, 'Manual + TTL Auto'--
    Enables to manually setting maximum light output of TTL auto control to compensate for weakness of TTL auto control. Benefits you to greatly decrease overexposure, and markedly increase the ratio of the shots you can actually "use" by preventing TTL error or improper manual settings.

--Two models available depending on your style of shooting --
    ===[ D-2000W ]===
    D-2000W offers simple operation and reasonable price, by simplifying its selectability of light control mode underwater to practically suitable combinations (*1) under "Electric Cable" connection. [When connected using "Optical Cable" and on land, switching between all available light control modes is available] Recommended for DSLR camera users as well as the majority of film camera users..
    ===[ D-2000Wn ]===
    This model allows switching underwater between all light control modes (*2) compatible with the camera system. We recommend this only for film camera users who switch between "Manual + TTL auto" control and "Manual" mode during a single dive.

    (*1) When D-2000W is used with "Electric Cable Connection", switching underwater is only possible for only one of the following combinations: "‘TTL auto’ control and ‘Manual + TTL Auto’ control" [Compatible with film camera systems that are compatible with TTL auto control] or "‘External Auto’ control and ‘Manual’" [Compatible with digital camera systems that do not allow the use of TTL auto control]. Switching the light control mode other than the above-mentioned combinations is not possible underwater and has to be changed on land. When using "Optical D Cable Connection" "Optical Cable Connection," or "Optical D Slave Cable Connection," there is no limitation of switching between all light control modes available to the camera system underwater.

    (*2) For connecting to some camera systems using "Electric Cable," the combination of light control modes underwater will be limited, and setting changes have to be done on land.

Please refer to the related pages listed below for product specifications and other details regarding "D-2000W/Wn."
  • "Digital Camera compatible S-TTL Automatic Strobe Light D-2000W/Wn"
  • "Operation details for 'Manual + TTL auto'"

    October 25th, 2005
    INON Inc.


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