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Monday, March 27, 2006

High power new "Z series" strobe "Z-240" is released!

INON Inc. will release high power (G.N.24) new generation strobe "Z-240" on March 31st. "Z-240" is new version of high-end INON "Z-220" which has been discontinued 8 months ago and still lead the market as its high performance and unique features in compact body.

  • Underwater auto strobe "Z-240" Released on March 31st

  • "Z-240" image [Left:front, Right:control panel]

    Product features [differences from features of "Z-220"]

--Powerful Guide number 24, wide circular beam 100°--
    Guide number "24"(*1). Comparing to previous model (Z-220) in same Z series, Z-240 increases its power at 30% with same beam angle of circular 100°(*2). Though "Z-240" operates with only four conventional AA batteries, its unique "T shape Twin Flash" and optimal designed reflector/prism effectively creates high and wide flash output.

--Advantage of powerful flash output when using high-speed X synch camera--
    Z-240 emits strong flash in very short period of time which solves conventional high power strobe’s weak point and no power loss will happen even in fast shutter speed. In fast shutter speed, its effective power output increases at [approx. 60%] (when shutter speed is 1/250 sec.) and [approx. 90%](1/500 sec.) comparing to Z-220 strobe. Z-240 supplies enough power for digital/film SLR shooters in particular shooting situation using fast shutter speed (daylight synch) under bright surface or on white sand area.

--Minimum recycle time of 1.6 seconds, compact body--
    Compact body size of Z-240 is 99mm(outer diameter)/100mm(depth)/122mm(height)(*3) but its recycle time is minimum [approx. 1.6 sec.] at full flash (*4). Z-240 unique circuit components carries two sets of fundamental electrical parts (transformer: 1pc → 2pcs, transistor: 2pcs → 4pcs) to achieve fastest recycle time in the class.

--Optical/electrical connection compatible, all "D-2000" series next generation features equipped--
    Compatible with a camera system equipping Nikonos 5 pin synch connector as latest model of INON high-end strobe "Z series". All advantageous features of "D-2000" series such as "S-TTL" auto or "Clear Photo System" (*5). Full automatic "S-TTL" auto shooting is "easily" /"surely" obtained when using Z-240 with INON "X-2" series housing (for Canon EOS20D/10D). Z-240 is also compatible with point and shoot compact digital camera (in transparent housing) for instant full automatic "S-TTL" shooting when connecting via optical cable. Z-240 fully supports wide variety of camera system and equipment upgrade.

--13 steps Manual / 24 steps External Auto, free shadow control with multiple strobes--
    Z-240 supports professional needs for sophisticated lighting by its 13 steps "Manual mode" with 1/2 EV increments and 24 steps "External Auto" mode with 1/4EV increments which is available for digital SLR camera under electrical cable connection. Z-240 gives you free and creative lighting. When using multiple Z-240 strobes under "Optical Cable" connection, INON unique "Advanced Cancel Circuit" supports combination of S-TTL operating Z-240 and Manual/External Auto operating Z-240 to freely control subject shadow at preset total exposure level of S-TTL operating strobe by changing flash output of Manual/External Auto operating Z-240. Complicated shadow control with multiple strobes is now available by "easy"/"reliable" operation.

--Multifunctional, shutter-linked auto OFF Focus Light --
    Built-in Focus Light helps manual/auto focusing and strobe aiming. The Focus Light tells you strobe charge status since it turns on automatically upon strobe charges completely (in continuous mode). The Focus Light of Z-240 has manual ON/OFF function when using "electrical cable connection", so you can manually turns ON/OFF the Focus Light by Focus Light switch depending on subject/shooting condition which was not possible for Z-220. The Focus Light has shutter linked auto-OFF function(*6). When using with preflash type camera, it turns OFF automatically when a camera emits "preflash" and is not exposed on your image.

--New light metering system for film camera "Manual + TTL Auto" equipped.--
    Z-240 is equipped with new light metering system "Manual + TTL Auto" mode which enables you to preset maximum flash output manually to prevent disadvantage of TTL auto. "Manual + TTL Auto" mode is useable when connecting Z-240 and TTL auto compatible film camera system via "electrical cable". "Z-240" will stop flashing at preset value even though TTL error happens like when shooting mid range subject . So this mode helps you to dramatically reduce overexposed images and increase "usable" shots. For those regularly use manual shooting, "Manual + TTL Auto" mode enables to use pr?cised TTL metering function of camera system without TTL error problem and also save your work to manually calculate adequate exposure.

(*1) Air/ISO100・m, nominal value

(*2) 110° when using -0.5/-1.5 Diffuser

(*3) excluding protruding parts

(*4) When using recommended batteries (NiMH, SANYO Twicell 2700 Series, HR-3UG, 1.2V, 2,700mAh). Recycle time/flash capacity is reference data (actual test data by INON). They may be vary depending on battery manufacturer/model etc.

(*5) Useable function varies depending on camera system/connection method.

(*6) Focus Light may be recorded in an image depending on camera system, connection method or shooting condition.

March 27th, 2006


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