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Monday, April 20, 2009

Optical Cable product directly plug in Olympus underwater housing

INON INC. releases fiber optics products and their optional accessories supporting direct connection to a "fiber optics connector" of Olympus underwater housing etc. on April 28th, 2009.

  • Optical D Cable/Rubber Bush Set Type L
    --Released date : April 28th, 2009
  • Optical D Cable L/Rubber Bush Set Type L
    --Released date : April 28th, 2009
  • Optical D Cable SS/Rubber Bush Set Type L
    --Released date : April 28th, 2009
  • Optical D Cable LL/Rubber Bush Set Type L
    --Released date : April 28th, 2009
  • Rubber Bush for Fiber Optics
    --Released date : April 28th, 2009

Rubber Bush for Fiber Optics

Combination example S-2000/Shoe Base Set, PT-045/μTOUGH-8000
Optical D Cable SS/Rubber Bush Set Type L

These products/accessories enable to use INON Optical D Cable product for Olympus underwater housing carrying "fiber optics connector" (*1) without any additional accessories like Mount Base supporting budget optical cable connection with INON strobe.

As of April 19th, 2009, following underwater housing/camera system have been confirmed compatible with Rubber Bush related products supporting proper operation and exposure control accuracy of INON strobe.

  • Olympus μTOUGH-8000/PT-045
    (Attaching on supplied "fiber optics adapter" of PT-045)
  • Olympus μTOUGH-6000/PT-047
    (Attaching on supplied "fiber optics adapter" of PT-047)
  • Olympus E-520/PT-E05

April 20th, 2009


Ultimate LED Light LE250

INON INC. releases an ultimate LED light LE250 which is equipped with 5W high intensity power LED producing 250 lumen from its high quality aluminum alloy compact body.

  • LE250
    --To be released Spring 2009

  • W50° Filter LE
    --To be released Spring 2009

  • Single Light Holder LE
    --To be released Spring 2009

  • Double Light Holder LE
    --To be released Spring 2009

  • Quad Light Holder LE
    --To be released Spring 2009

  • Z Joint
    --available in the market

  • LE250

■Main features■
  • Compact body and powerful 250 lumenThe INON LE250 carries Cree 5W power LED producing 250 lumen in its compact body (195.5mm(L) × 33.7mm (dia.))As a photographic equipment manufacture, we stick on light color and successfully produce color temperature around 6,000K which is close to natural light avoiding bluish influence like conventional white LED light but supporting to create vivid underwater world with natural color.
  • Fly-eye filter efficiently diffusing lightThe LE250 comes with a hollow diffusing filter made from two laminated high transmittance optical grade acrylic fly-eye lenses. This fly-eye lens filter has extraordinary coverage with less light attenuation comparing to a translucent diffusing filter. Also a red filter is supplied for the mode of life observation. This red filter helps not giving stress to shy creatures.
    ・「W40° Filter LE」・・・・Supplied with the LE250 to increase beam angle to 40°
    ・「W50° Filter LE」・・・・Optional product to increase beam angle to 50°
  • Flexible beam angle selectionA light with an ordinary reflector has less light intensity on main area due to light diffusion. The LE250 is an ideal diving light with unique collimator system made from effective combination of total reflective acrylic material without intensity loss and collective lens providing even and constant 20° beam angle. With the supplied W40° Filter, the LE250 works as close range modeling light producing rimless natural wide beam. You can freely control light depending on various situations.
  • Wide range optional accessories. Powerful Quad Holder・LEThe INON LE250 is not simple handy light but has wide range of optional accessories as photographic equipment. Especially different type holders "Single" "Double" and capacious "Quad" support photography and videography. 4 x LE250s on the quad holder not only provides four times intensity but supports new photographic expression to flexibly configure condensed/diffused light source by using/not using diffusing filters.
  • High quality corrosion resistant aluminum alloy bodyThe LE250 body is made from aluminum alloy carrying seawater-resistant characteristic providing high durability and high quality. The LE250 is dual use LED light on land/underwater and ensures to benefit you in every fields.
  • Reasonable 3 x AA size battery operation
    The LE250 runs by easily obtainable 3 x AA batteries. Particularly next generation NiMH battery "eneloop" (HR-3UTG) has less self-discharging and repeatedly rechargeable characteristic enabling you to continuously use the LE250 for 135 minutes with practicable intensity. No problem even for night diving.
  • Double O-ring, depth rating 120mDouble O-ring structure on battery retaining part and switch part uses well-established oil-bearing O-rings prevents accidental flooding and acquires 120m depth rating(*). The switch is rear rotate style with anti-rotation stopper. Simple yet reliable switch construction supports reliable ON/OFF operation and the stopper prevents accidental flooding caused by over loosening. (*)Depth rating 120m. INON has confirmed operation check at 78m depth during use test.
Refer to following leaflet for product images and specifications.

April 20th, 2009

New Z-240 / D-2000 Type4 supports "wireless connection"

INON INC. proudly announces to releases new Z-240 Type 4 / D-2000 Type 4 strobe. New Type 4 strobes carry "wireless connection" capability as like S-2000 strobe, brighter "built-in Focus Light (180lumen/20°coverage)" and "wider battery compatibility".
  • Underwater auto strobe Z-240 "Type 4" (*1)
    (Facelifted from Z-240 “Type 3”)
    --Release date : April 27th, 2009
  • Underwater auto strobe Z-240 "Type 4" (*1)
    (Facelifted from Z-240 "Type 3")
    --Release date : April 27th, 2009
  • Wireless Connection Kit (*2)
    --available in the market

There is no change on strobe model name except its version code which
is "Type 4" to distinguish from previous models.

Necessary optional product to use wireless connection with Z-240 "Type4" / D-2000 "Type4".

Left:Z-240 "Type 4" front
Right:D-2000 "Type 4" front

Wireless Connection Kit

Outline of 「Z-240」/「D-2000」 facelift
  • Wireless S-TTL capability!! (*3)
    Successfully amplifies receiving optical signal from the slave sensor 20 times more comparing to previous Z-240 "Type3" / D-2000 "Type3". With optional Wireless Connection Kit, Z-240 "Type4" / D-2000 "Type4" supports wireless [S-TTL Auto mode]as well as 24 step External Auto / 13 step Manual as like ultra compact strobe S-2000.
  • Enhanced 180 lumen LED Focus LightWell established Z-240 "Type3" / D-2000 "Type3" LED Focus Light as its intensity, further evolved to 180 lumen. The enhanced Focus Light supports focusing and is usable as independent diving light with its 180 lumen intensity and 20° coverage. As same as previous model, LED light carries shutter-linked auto OFF function and will not be exposed on an image.
  • Compatibility of NiMH battery other than Sanyo "eneloop"Previous Z-240 "Type3" / D-2000 "Type3" has limited NiMH battery compatibility only with Sanyo "eneloop" (HR-3UTG) and equivalent NiMH batteries confirmed compatible by INON. New Z-240 "Type4" / D-2000 "Type4" can use other conventional NiMH batteries or high-capacity NiMH batteries as like S-2000. However, INON INC. still recommends using Sanyo "eneloop" (HR-3UTG) and equivalent new generation NiMH batteries since some conventional NiMH batteries and high-capacity NiMH batteries have following characteristics and could have problem to keep their performance.

    a) High self-discharging characteristic prevents using all battery capacity
    b) High heat generating characteristic during charging/discharging could
    cause excessive load on batteries/devices
    c) Above a) could lead to over
    discharge and together with above b), could lead to sudden performance

    When using "conventional" or "high capacity" NiMH batteries other than ("eneloop" type) "new generation" NiMH batteries, we recommend using good quality batteries with least problem mentioned above.
  • Newly developed, "Type L" fiber optics compatible (*4)All INON fiber optics products have been modified to new Type L version carrying compact "L" connector in conjunction with Z-240 "Type4" / D-2000 "Type4" facelift (*5). The L-Connector is rotatable to support easy handling with free cable positioning.
  • (*3) Please refer to "Wireless Connection Compatibility" for detail of S-TTL Auto compatibility etc. with each camera system / each optional accessory. (*4) Please visit following link page for detail of "Type L" fiber optics products. ・【News】All 「Optical Cable」products have been upgraded to "Type L" (*5) Z-240 "Type4" / D-2000 "Type4" is compatible only with "Type L" fiber optics products carrying "wireless type" strobe connector(*4)(*6) Existing fiber optics products have "non-wireless type" strobe connector and not usable for Z-240 "Type4" / D-2000 "Type4" (*6). (*6) Previous Optical Cable products needs to replace its strobe connector part with optional Sensor Plug・Wireless (see below image). Z-240 "Type4" users can use supplied Sensor Cap for the replacement and not necessary to buy optional Sensor Plug・Wireless. Please contact your purchasing dealer or INON INC. for detail.

■Relative information

April 20th, 2009

All Optical Cable products have been upgraded to "Type L"

INON fiber optics products are key component to provide simple yet reliable connection between camera system and INON strobe without flooding or influence from circumstances. INON INC. upgrades all fiber optics products to new "Type L" equipped with L shape strobe connector from April 28th, 2009 shipment.

Optical D Cable Type L

[Upgraded fiber optics products list (64 items)]

Optical D Cable Type L

■Outline of the upgrade ■ 
  • Easy handling with compact and rotatable "L-Connector"!
    A strobe connector has been dramatically downsized with L shape design to benefit easy handling together with rotatable structure where fiber optics can be positioned to any direction.

  • Self maintenance structure even for strobe side connector
    Maintenance of fiber optics is essential to ensure S-TTL Auto accuracy. The "L-Connector" is easy to disassemble enabling you to do maintenance both bear ends of fiber optics.

  • Compatible with two strobe sensors
    Type L fiber optics products have newly designed L-Connector which is directly attached on slave sensor of ultra compact S-TTL Auto/wireless connection compatible strobe S-2000 and also support existing S-TTL strobe Z-240/D-2000with supplied "non-wireless" type strobe connector. Type L fiber optics products support all INON strobes with two different connectors.

Wireless type(left)/non-wireless type(right)

【Compatible strobe】
・Wireless type connector:
-- S-2000
-- Z-240 Type4
-- D-2000 Type4

・Wireless non-compatible type connector:
--S-2000 (both connectors are usable)
--Z-240 Type3/Type2/Type1
--D-2000 Type3/Type2/Type1
--D-2000S, D-2000W/Wn
--D-180 series
--Z-220 series
--TTL Slave Sensor + compatible strobe
--Focus Light Controller + compatible strobe

April 20th, 2009



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