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Monday, January 31, 2011

Accessory for Canon PowerShot G10

INON INC. releases new fiber optics products on February 2, 2011 to support Canon [PowerShot G10](*1) /[WP-DC28](*1)

  • [Optical D Cable Type L / Cap W53 Set with Clear Photo System Film]
    --Release date : February 2, 2011
    --JAN code : 456212143 627 5

    Optical D Cable Type L / Cap W53 Set with Clear Photo System Film

    Optical D Cable Type L / Cap W53 Set installing on the [WP-DC28]

    Contact Canon Inc. for detail of camera/housing. INON Inc. confirms product compatibility based on a camera/housing available in Japan.

PowerShot G10 / Wp-DC28 Combination Example

  • Canon [PowerShot G10] + Canon [WP-DC28]
  • Optical D Cable Type L / Cap W53 Set with Clear Photo System Film
  • S-2000
  • -0.5 Blue Diffuser for S-2000
  • Grip Base D4
  • Direct Arm Z Set

  • Canon [PowerShot G10] + Canon [WP-DC28]
  • Optical D Cable Type L / Cap W53 Set with Clear Photo System Film
  • Optical D Cable Type L
  • S-2000 x2
  • -0.5 Blue Diffuser for S-2000 x2
  • Grip Base D4
  • D Holder
  • Direct Arm Z Set x2

Product Features

  • Reliable slave flashing of [Optical D Cable connection] with fiber optics under bright condition like under surface or back lit.

  • INON [Clear Photo System] compatible and can effectively prevent drawback of transparent housing like backscatter, ghost or flare to get clear image together with secure connection of [Optical D Cable connection].

  • Maximum two[Optical D Cable Type L] mountable for dual strobe configuration.

Strobe Compatibility

    Digital camera compatible ["S-TTL" Auto] strobe INON [S-2000]/[Z-240]/[D-2000] is usable. ["S-TTL" auto] of [S-2000]/[Z-240]/[D-2000] series gives you correct and reliable exposure by simply pressing shutter release button(*2).
    Universal type [Grip Base D4] widely supports more than 100 underwater housings including Canon PowerShot G10/WP-DC28 with loose-proof structure and broad expandability including supporting friendly step-up to dual strobe configuration only with additional D Holder and Optical D Cable Type L. Wide variety of INON Arm II system further supports different arm length/type depending on your shooting style.
    INON highly accurate and reliable “S-TTL” provides you intended lighting easily to suit to various shooting style, skill, subject and condition to realize your creative intent.

    "S-TTL" Auto mode is not usable for shooting mode "M" or "Tv"/"Av" and the built-in flash mode is set to manual.

Why so many different Optical D Cable Sets

    As same as other Optical D Cable Cap Sets, [Optical D Cable Type L / Cap W53 Set ] is exclusively designed for specific camera/housing including careful compatibility test to;

  • Support highly accurate and reliable “S-TTL Auto” shooting. (design fiber optics attachment layout based on camera’s built-in flash location)

    INON benefits you with above advantages by producing specific accessories for each specific camera/housing model.
    Other manufactures’ universal strobe cables look like very useful but they often show;

  • Just enough to attach a strobe
    >>without accurate exposure control and reliability resulting fluctuating exposure and fickle flashing

    INON system is completely different from those versatile products and simple yet reliable to provide “high quality image”/“highly accurate S-TTL Auto” to support every level of underwater photographers.

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January 31, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Compatibility with Panasonic [LUMIX G 14mm/F2.5 ASPH.] Lens

INON Inc. is pleased to announce current product compatibility with new Panasonic pancake lens [LUMIX G 14mm/F2.5 ASPH.] lens (*1) when using with INON [X-2 for GF1] housing.
The current [Pancake Port] has been confirmed compatible with Panasonic [LUMIX G 14mm/F2.5 ASPH.]as well. To suppress exposure of the built-in flash light on an image, optional [Shade Ring 46] is necessary to attach in front of the lens.
  • [Shade Ring 46]
    --Release date: January 27th, 2011
    --JAN code: 456212143 631 2

  • [Pancake Port]
    --available in the market
    --JAN code: 456212143 595 7

  • [Shade Ring 46]

    [Shade Ring 46] attached on the LUMIX G 14mm/F2.5 ASPH.

    Contact Panasonic Corporation for detail of [LUMIX G 14mm/F2.5 ASPH.]. INON Inc. confirms product compatibility based on a lens available in Japan.

Relative information

January 25th, 2011

*Press release information is as of January 25th, 2011 and subject to change without prior notice.


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