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Friday, December 24, 2004

For accurate "S-TTL" Auto Exposure Control

More accurate and stable S-TTL Auto Exposure is acquired by devising method of attaching D-2000 to housing/protector.

--Requirement for S-TTL Auto Metering System--
    S-TTL Auto Strobe synchronously flashes with pre-flash/main flash of camera’s built-in flash. So S-TTL Auto Strobe needs not only start signal of the built-in flash but also needs stop signal while conventional "External Auto Metering" and "Manual Metering" only require start signal of built-in flash. (External strobe itself meter light amount and quench)

    Therefore S-TTL Auto Strobe requires sensitive/high precision slaving function and method to effectively/reliably transmit built-in flash light.

--Connecting method for stable "S-TTL" Auto --
    INON D-2000 Auto Strobe is equipped with high sensitive/precision slaving function to comply with above requirement.

    In most cases, S-TTL works without problem when D-2000 Strobe and camera system are properly connected via respective Optical D Cable/Cap W Set exclusively designed for compatible camera system and effectively/reliably transmits built-in flash light.

    However in some case like "dirt of Optical Cable edge" , "dirt of diffuser panel of housing/protector" or "strong ambient light" etc affect to accuracy of S-TTL. So there is possibility to acquire more precise/reliable S-TTL Auto Exposure by taking measures mentioned below.

    Modification could be applied for following housing/protector

    *Olympus PT-005
    *Olympus PT-007/010/016
    *Olympus PT-012/014
    *Other S-TTL compatible housing/protector

    Before starting following modifications, please read/understand instruction manual/warranty statement of housing/protector and INON Inc. and below precautions

    Disassembly of housing diffuser or any other modification (hereafter refer as "the modification") is nothing concern with respective manufacturer. Please DO NOT inquire this modification of manufacturer. Please note that whole responsibility of this modification belongs to user.

    The modification may void warranty of housing/protector even though within warranty period. Please refer instruction manual/warranty statement of the housing/protector for detail.

    INON Inc. assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damages (damage to housing/protector, damage to housing/protector accessory, damage to a camera) resulting from the modification.

    INON Inc. assume no responsibility whatsoever for any incidental damages resulting from the modification.

    DO NOT proceed any further the modification unless you understand above statement. When you do not make the modification, S-TTL still properly works though accuracy/reliability of S-TTL Auto Exposure could be slightly degraded.

Modification of Olympus PT-005
  1. Install "Cap W2 Holder Spacer" after removing diffuser panel of the housing [See images below (1)/(2)/(3)].
  2. Attach "Cap W2 Holder Unit" on the "Cap W2 Holder Spacer" [See image below (4)]
    *Removed diffuser panel and screws should be kept when you need to restore to original condition.

Modification of PT-007/010/016 (image shows PT-016)
  1. Remove diffuser panel of housing/protector (translucent white) and diffuser panel (transparent) of housing/protector
  2. Reinstall transparent diffuser panel
  3. Attach [Cap W2(PT-007/010) or Cap W8 (PT-016) Holder Unit] on the transparent diffuser panel.
    *Removed diffuser panel and screws should be kept when you need to restore to original condition.

Olympus PT-012/014(image shows PT-014)
  1. Remove diffusers of housing/protector
  2. Attach [Cap W4 (PT-012) or Cap W6/W13(PT-014) Diffuser Unit] on respective AD/M67 Mount Base
  3. Attach the AD/M67 Mount Base on the housing/protector
  4. *Removed diffuser panel and screws should be kept when you need to restore to original condition.

Other housing/protector
    Properly attach respective Optical D Cable/Cap W Set with following instruction manual.
    Especially pay close attention to following points for specific housing/protector mentioned below.

    Nikon WP-CP1/CP2 (No image)
  1. Remove diffuser panel of the housing/protector
  2. Attach [Cap W12 Diffuser Unit (WP-CP1) or Cap W11 Diffuser Unit (WP-CP2)] on respective AD Mount Base.
  3. Attach the AD Mount Base to the housing/protector

    Olympus PT-020/022/024 (image shows PT-022)
  1. Pull out and remove diffuser panel(translucent white) by hand
  2. Attach Cap W9(PT-020) ,Cap W10(PT-022) or Cap W15(PT-024) Holder Unit on diffuser panel(transparent).

--Other points to notice for "S-TTL" Auto Metering
    Please check once again following points mentioned in D-2000 user manual (*1)
  • To check if your camera/housing is compatible for "S-TTL" Auto
  • P.30 – P.31 in D-2000 User Manual (Basic Operation)
  • To check if specified Optical D Cable/CapW Set or other accessory being used for your camera/housing.P.19 – P.24 in D-2000 User Manual (Basic Operation)
  • To check if "ClearPhoto System" is being used
    P.28 in D-2000 User Manual (Basic Operation)
  • To check if Light Filter Sticker (Red) is attached on built-in Focus Light
    P.33 in D-2000 User Manual (Basic Operation)
  • To check if edge of Optical D Cable is not damaged by dirt

    (*1) D-2000 English User Manual [Basic Operation] is now under printing and will be distributed from January 2005 through overseas INON authorized distributor/dealer for current D-2000 user who purchased from respective overseas INON Authorized distributor/dealer. The English Manual will be included together with the product for INON approved export model.

Dec. 24nd , 2004

    Wednesday, December 1, 2004

    Sample images of S-TTL Auto

    These sample images show how D-2000 precisely controls exposure in S-TTL mode. Please see sample images with D-2000 in S-TTL Mode and with camera built-in flash only, in different aperture setting.

    December 1st, 2004
    INON Inc.


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