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Monday, May 18, 2009

Accessory for Canon WP-DC32

INON INC. releases new accessories to support Canon "IXY DIGITAL 510IS (PowerShot SD 960 IS/Digital IXUS110 IS)"(*1) + "WP-DC32" (*1) on [May 20th, 2009].

  • "28AD Mount Base DC32"
  • --Release date : May 20th, 2009 --JAN code:456212143 518 6
  • "Optical D Cable/W50 Set Type L with Clear Photo System Film"
  • --Release date : May 20th, 2009 --JAN code:456212143 517 9
  • "Grip Base D4 Set"
  • --available in the market --JAN code:456212143 519 3 "28AD Mount Base DC32" installed on WP-DC32 / IXY DIGITAL 510IS(left) "28AD Mount Base DC32" (right) (*1) Contact Canon Inc. for detail of camera/protector INON Inc. confirms product compatibility based on a camera/housing available in Japan.

--"IXY DIGITAL 510IS" / "WP-DC32" set-up example--
  • Canon "IXY DIGITAL 510IS" + Canon "WP-DC32"
  • "28AD Mount Base DC32"
  • "UWL-100 28AD"
  • "Lens Hood for UWL-100 28AD"
  • "S-2000"
  • "Optical D Cable/W50 Set Type L with Clear Photo System Film"
  • "Grip Base D4 Set"
  • "Direct Arm Z Set"
  • "Float Arm S"
  • "Clamp"
  • "AD Lens Holder" + "UCL-165AD"

--Optional accessories--
    The "28AD Mount Base DC32" is exclusively designed for "IXY DIGITAL 510IS"(*1) / "WP-DC32" (*1) to benefit you to use following INON products.
  • Wide variety and high quality
  • INON "28AD Mount series" attachment lens
  • Easy, reliable and fully automatic external strobe shooting
  • INON "S-TTL Auto" strobe

--Attachment Lens--
    The "28AD Mount Base DC32" enables you to install INON AD Mount series attachment lens. 28AD mount series attachment lens lineup consists "UWL-100 28AD" wide conversion lens to shoot wider area and its super wide option "Dome Lens Unit for UWL-100". AD Mount series "UCL-165AD" close-up lens to shorten minimum shooting distance, is also usable. INON supports to shoot all different type of subject from semi fish-eye to ultra macro with simple and reliable system.

    Optional "Grip Base D4" and "Optical D Cable/Cap W50 Set Type L with Clear Photo System Film" enables you to install digital camera compatible "S-TTL" auto strobe INON "S-2000" / "Z-240" / "D-2000" series. "S-TTL" auto of "S-2000" / "Z-240" / "D-2000" series gives you correct and reliable exposure by simply pressing shutter release button. The "Grip Base D4 Set" widely supports more than 80 underwater housings with loose-proof structure.It is easy to step up to dual strobe configuration with additional "D Holder", "Z Joint" and "Optical D Cable Type L". INON provides you simple and reliable system with innovative "S-TTL" Auto and "Arm II system" to enhance your creative image to capture different subject in variable shooting condition with wide variety of attachment lens.

--Why so many different Mount Bases / Optical D Cable Sets--
    As same as other INON Mount Bases and Optical D Cable Cap Sets, "28AD Mount Base・DC32"/"Optical D Cable・ Cap W50 Set Type L" is exclusively designed for specific camera/housing including careful compatibility test to;
  • Optimize high quality lens performance for high quality macro/wide shot and
  • (design attachment lens layout for best suited distance from camera's master lens which is vary among different camera/housing models)
  • Support highly accurate and reliable "S-TTL Auto" shooting.
  • (design fiber optics attachment layout based on camera's built-in flash location) INON benefits you with above advantages by producing specific accessories for each specific camera/housing model. Other manufacture's versatile lens adopters or universal strobe cables look like very useful but they often show;
  • Just enough to attach a lens
    • >>without optimizing optical performance of lens resulting only widen an image area with heavy vignetting on corners or terrible quality in peripheral part of an image
  • Just enough to attach a strobe
    • >>without accurate exposure control and reliability resulting fluctuating exposure and fickle flashing
    INON system is completely different from those versatile products and simple yet reliable to provide "high quality image" / "highly accurate S-TTL Auto" to support every level of underwater photographers.

--Relative information--
Underwater "S-TTL" Auto strobe "S-2000"
Underwater "S-TTL" Auto strobe "D-2000"
Underwater "S-TTL" Auto strobe "Z-240"
"S-2000" wireless connection compatibility chart
"Grip Base D4"
"Grip Base D4"compatibility chart (PDF:1193KB)

May 18th, 2009


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