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Thursday, September 14, 2017


INON INC. is pleased to announce official release of the LED flashlight "LF3100-EW" on September 16th, 2017. The "LF3100-EW" runs on easily obtainable 6 x AA batteries delivering maximum 3100 lumen with 12 fine power adjustments and wide 100 degrees underwater coverage thanks to its optically designed dome lens.

--Release date: September 16th, 2017
--JAN code: 456212143 844 6

LF3100-EW (with packaged "Light Shade LF-EW")

■ LF3100-EW features ■

●Powerful 3100 lumen, color temperature 5000K, underwater coverage 100 degree
  Operated by 6 x AA batteries
The "LF3100-EW" runs on 6 x AA batteries which are readily available yet provides maximum "3100 lumen" (*1) and carefully selected LED produces color temperature "approx. 5000K" to illuminate a subject in natural color (*2).

Optically designed dome lens provides super wide underwater coverage 100 degrees without sacrificing brightness. The dome lens won’t create sharp edge but deliver even and soft light quality to use as an ideal video light.

The rated practical burn time (*3) with "eneloop pro" (BK-3HCD) rechargeable batteries, is approx. 45 minutes at FULL mode with max. power setting or approx. 3,185 minutes (53hrs 05 min) at LOW mode with minimum power setting.

Dome lens of the LF3100-EW

Maximum luminous flux at FULL mode with "eneloop pro" rechargeable batteries (BK-3HCD).
The LF3100-EW is usable underwater only but not usable on land except for function check for short period of time [not exceeding total time one minute].
Average measured time to get half brightness when continuously turn ON the product underwater (approx. 25℃/77°F).

●12 steps fine power adjustments
Simple yet durable "switch" controls two power setting (FULL/LOW) (*4) and red "Selector Ring LF" further offers 6 steps power settings (*5) for each mode making total 12 steps fine power adjustments availability.

The "switch" and "Selector Ring LF" is mechanical switch to support user friendly controllability with less torque for intuitive operation to control power output.

Left: Switch controls ON/OFF of the unit and two power settings.
Right: The Selector Ring LF (red ring) offers 6 steps power setting.

[LOW] mode is less bright at 1.5EV of [FULL] mode.
Each click of the "Selector Ring LF" offers approx. 1.0EV at [FULL] mode or approx. 0.9EV at [LOW] mode.

●"Light Shade LF-EW" and "Dome Red Filter LF-EW" is bundled.
Packaged "Light Shade LF-EW" which rotates 360 degree to prevent LED light from illuminating vicinity of camera lens to significantly reduce problem of flare/ghost.

With Light Shade LF-EW installed.
The Light Shade LF-EW rotates 360 degrees to locate the shade part at any position.

Left: Without the "Light Shade LF-EW"
Right: With the "Light Shade LF-EW"
As you can see without the "Light Shade LF-EW", LED light illuminates the housing lens port while using the "Light Shade LF-EW" can block the light.

The "Dome Red Filter LF-EW" (*1) is to change LED light to red not to stimulate shy marine lives.

With Dome Red Filter LF-EW installed.

●Supported by wide range of accessories
"Single Light Holder LF" and "Strobe Light Holder LF" support different combination to combine with your camera system and "Light Holder LF for Tripod" enables to attach this product on 1/4-20UNC screw which is widely used for a tripod. Oher optional "Light Case LF 6AA" benefits you to carry this flashlight standalone underwater on a belt/horse.

•Single Light Holder LF
--JAN code:456212143 770 8

•Strobe Light Holder LF (*5)
--JAN code:456212143 771 5

•Single Light Holder LF for Tripod
--JAN code:456212143 819 4

•Light Case LF 6AA
--JAN code:456212143 763 0

Left: The LF3100-EW attached with the "Single Light Holder LF"
Center left: The LF3100-EW and S-2000 is combined with the "Strobe Light Holder LF"/"Z Joint"
Center right: The LF3100-EW attached with the "Single Light Holder LF for Tripod"
Right: The LF3100-EW stored in the "Light Case LF 6AA"

When using with the "Z Joint", only one LED flashlight can be installed on either side.

●Interchangeable Light Head
The Light Head is designed interchangeable among 6 x AA battery operated "LF series" LED flashlight products to use for other application (*7)(*8).

LF1400-S and LF2700-W as of September 2017.
NOT usable other than 6 x AA battery operated LF series product.

■ LF3100-EW Specifications ■

September 14th, 2017

*Press release information is as of September 14th, 2017 and subject to change without prior notice.


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