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Monday, December 15, 2014


INON INC. is pleased to announce official release of the fourth version of durable and user-friendly LF series LED flashlight the LF800-N and its optional accessory on December 17th, 2014.
The LF800-N runs on 3 x AA batteries providing maximum 800 lumen(*1) with super narrow 5 degree coverage from its handheld compact body.

--Release date: December 17th, 2014
--JAN code: 456212143 779 1

・Color Filter LF-N Set
--Release date: December 17th, 2014
--JAN code: 456212143 780 7

・Condenser Lens LF-N
--Release date: December 17th, 2014
--JAN cod: 456212143 781 4

・Single Light Holder LF
--Available in the market
--JAN code: 456212143 770 8

・Strobe Light Holder LF
--Available in the market
--JAN code: 456212143 771 5

Color Filter LF-N Set

Condenser Lens LF-N

■ LF800-N Features ■

●Super narrow 5 degree coverage, dual use underwater/land
Optional accessory for changing color/even narrower beam

The LF800-N effectively converts original 125 degree (approx.) spread beam from LED module to super narrow 5 degree (approx.) thanks to its unique optical system. (*1)

In addition to general use on land or dive light underwater, this product is best suited as a pointer or powerful constant lighting source for photography/videography thanks to its native 5000K(approx.) beam.

Optionally available "Color Filter LF-N Set" (*2) consists of "Red Filter LF-N" which changes color not to stimulate marine lives and "Blue Filter LF-N" which calibrates native light to deliver ideal color tone for underwater imaging. Other optional "Condenser Lens LF-N" (*2) functions to condense native narrow light further to expand application of this product as like "ultra- macro shooting with constant light".

Unique optical construction delivers light within fixed range and will have center sport out of the working range as per below table.
"Color Filter LF-N Set" and "Condenser Lens LF-N" are designed for underwater use only and not usable on land.

  Number of
Condenser Lens LF-N
Working range
Working range
Diameter of lit area
air Nil (Not usable on land) approx. 22cm/8.66in approx. 6.5cm/2.56in
Underwater Nil approx. 30cm/11.8in approx. 7.0cm/2.76in
1 approx. 15cm/5.91in ∞ (*4) approx. 3.5cm/1.38in
2 approx. 11cm/4.33in approx. 32cm/12.6in approx. 2.0cm/0.79in

Theoretical working distance to illuminate a subject without significant center spot and not same as the maximum distance this product can deliver light.
When illuminating a subject at approx.55cm/21.6in away or greater, using Condenser Lens LF-N will have bigger lit area.

●Powerful 800 lumen (*5), two power setting
Only with 3 x AA batteries supporting handy yet great cost performance
The LF800-N runs on 3 x AA batteries which are readily available yet provides maximum 800 lumen (*5) from its handy and compact body.

Simple yet durable switch provides two power setting (FULL/LOW). Depending on application, either [LOW mode](300 lumen) with longer burn time or powerful [FULL mode] (800 lumen) is selectable.

The rated practical burn time(*6) with "eneloop pro" (BK-3HCC) rechargeable batteries, is approx. 90 minutes at FULL mode or approx. 265minutes (4hrs 25 min) at LOW mode.

FULL mode with "eneloop pro" rechargeable batteries (BK-3HCC).
Average measured time to get half brightness when continuously turn ON the product underwater (approx. 25℃/77°F).

●Durable with flood-free structure
The LF800-N has a simple rotary switch with a lock ring to ensure you with reliable ON/OFF operation and greatly reduces flooding risk together with double O-ring structure for moving parts.
The light head and battery box are made from aluminum alloy carrying corrosion resistance in seawater for ultra durability.

●Supported by wide range of accessories
Single Light Holder LF and Strobe Light Holder LF (*7) support different combination for various lighting needs.

One or two LF800-N can be combined with INON S-2000 to attach on compatible arm system.
(Any other INON strobe like D-2000,Z-240 can not be combined with LF800-N.)

●Interchangeable Light Head
The Light Head is designed interchangeable among 3 x AA battery operated "LF series" LED flashlight products (*8) to use for other application (*9).

LF800-N, F1100-W, F1000-S as of December 2014.
NOT usable other than 3 x AA battery operated LF series product.

■ Compatible options ■

・Single Light Holder LF
・Strobe Light Holder LF (*7)

[Filter/Condenser Lens]
・Color Filter LF-N Set
・Condenser Lens LF-N

■ LF800-N Sample images ■

--Subject: Emperor shrimp
Canon EOS 5D Mark II + EF100mm F2.8L Macro IS USM, LF800-N + Blue Filter LF-N
--Photo date:
1/60, F16.0, ISO400
--Photo by:
T.Aihara (Hamayu Marine Service) at Osezaki, Shizuoka, Japan

--Subject: Moray eel
Canon EOS 5D Mark II + EF100mm F2.8L Macro IS USM, LF800-N + Blue Filter LF-N
--Photo date:
1/100, F13.0, ISO400
--Photo by:
T.Aihara (Hamayu Marine Service) at Osezaki, Shizuoka, Japan

■ 「LF800-N」 Specifications ■  [PDF:60.7KB]

December 15th, 2014

*Press release information is as of December 15th, 2014 and subject to change without prior notice.


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