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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

「M67 Lens Adapter Base」for Fujifilm WP-FXF500

INON INC. releases new 「M67 Lens Adapter Base」 on October 7th, 2011 to support Fujifilm marine case 「WP-FXF500」(*1) for 『FinePix F600EXR』/『FinePix F550EXR』/『FinePix F300EXR』(*1) to attach INON M67 series close-up lens 『UCL-330』『UCL-165 M67』;
  • 「M67 Lens Adapter Base FXF500」 (*2)(*3)(*4)
    --Exclusively for Fujifilm「WP-FXF500」(*1)
    --Release date : October 7, 2011
    --JAN code:456212143 644 2

    「M67 Lens Adapter Base FXF500」 installed on WP-FXF500 /FinePix F600EXR (left)
    「M67 Lens Adapter Base FXF500」(right)

Product features
    The 「M67 Lens Adapter Base」 is a dedicated accessory to attach INON 『M67 Mount Series』 close-up lens「UCL-330」「UCL-165 M67」 on a marine case/water-proof protector which is not compatible with existing M67 Mount Base (*2)(*3)

    The component Base Plate is designed based on base shape of compatible marine case/water-proof protector to fit securely on it without rattle. This product directly accepts dual functional product 「Grip Base D4」or 「Grip Base DIII」 as a grip and lighting arm enabling to add compatible strobe/LED flashlight together with various lighting arm product to support simple/compact and even friendly upgrade to multi lighting system.

    The Lens Adapter Unit is mounted on the compatible marine case/water-proof protector at lens pot with pressure molding and supplied Supporting Screws to reliably hold compatible close-up lens. The Lens Adapter Unit can be separated with combined attachment lens by simply loosening the Supporting Screws.

    Contact Fujifilm Corporation for detail of camera/marine case. INON Inc. confirms product compatibility based on a camera/housing available in Japan.

    This product does not support a wide conversion lens due to camera master lens specification.

    When using a close-up lens on this product underwater, significant vignetting will be observed at zoom wide end. Zoom towards to telephoto side until no vignetting is observed.

    When attaching this product, slight vignetting will be observed on land and underwater at zoom wide end even without a close-up lens. Zoom towards to telephoto side to avoid vignetting or remove the close-up lens.

『FinePix F600EXR』/「WP-FXF500」combination example

  • Fujifilm 「FinePix F600EXR」+ Fujifilm 「WP-FXF500」
  • 「M67 Lens Adapter Base FXF500」
  • 「UCL-330」

  • 「S-2000」(with supplied “-0.5 White Diffuser for S-2000”)
  • 「Optical D Cable/Bush W56 Set Type L with Shade Sticker」
  • 「Z Joint」
  • 「Shoe Base」

Relative information

October 5th, 2011

*Press release information is as of October 5th, 2011 and subject to change without prior notice.


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