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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

To Ultralight Control Systems "AD-IN" adapter user

INON Inc. has found that the "AD-IN" adapter from Ultralight Control Systems (herein after "ULCS") may cause possible damage on INON strobe.

--Background --
    Recently we received flooded INON "Z-240" strobe from customer for repair. Our factory inspection has found that the [ULCS "AD-IN" adapter] body and its spacer came with the Z-240 strobe unit is not suitable size allowing a fixing bolt contacts on strobe body case firmly causing crack to lead flooding.

    The returned "Z-240" with [ULCS "AD-IN" Adapter]. The [ULCS "AD-IN" Adapter] fixing bolt contacts the strobe body. INON "Z Adapter" is designed to have safety gap at the position indicated by red arrow in above image not to allow fixing bolt to contact the strobe body.

    Damaged part (from inner side) The red arrow in above image indicates the crack on inner wall of strobe body caused by excessive pressure applied by [ULCS "AD-IN" Adapter] from outside.

    --Communication/announcement from ULCS --
    We sent inquiry this issue to ULCS then received their comments as below which has been posted to WETPIXEL.COM and Digital Diver Net as well.

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    [Contents of the post]
    It has come to our attention that some of the Inon adapters that we manufacturer have too long a tightening bolt. This may be due to slight differences in sizes of the spacer provided. If it is too long, it will touch the housing. Please check your Ultralight Inon strobe adapter to make sure that the tightening bolt does not tighten all the way to the body of the housing. If it does, you will need to put a 1/4' " stainless washer between the head of the bolt and the plastic spacer. If you do not have one of these washers, please drop us an e-mail or a phone call and we will send you out a stainless washer to put between the head of the bolt and the plastic spacer. If your tightening bolt has lost it's plastic t-knob, and you are using an allen wrench to tighten the bolt, do not over tighten the bolt. You can check this by watching to see if the bolt touches the strobe housing, if it does you will need to add a stainless washer.

    Also we received additional handling pre-cautions on "AD-IN" adapter from ULCS; [The "fixing bolt" comes with ULCS "AD-IN" adapter is originally designed to tighten its pre-installed thumb knob (T shape plastic knob) by hand ]. So when the T shape thumb knob is missing, do not use an allen wrench to avoid overtightening the fixing bolt.

    Our warranty service does not cover any repair of damaged strobe resulting from a product which has not been confirmed compatibility with INON strobe by us including [ULCS "AD-IN" Adapter] and basically such a product should be used with customer's own risk. However this time we have announced this issue to protect Inon strobe user’s benefit against to possible future damage on their strobe considering that this issue could cause fatal damage on INON strobe like flooding of strobe itself or accidental separation of strobe’s arm base and could widely affected on INON strobe user.

    Once again we would like to remind all INON strobe user that a product without compatibility confirmation by INON Inc. should be used at customer ‘s own risk thus would strongly recommend to use INON genuine strobe adapter as listed below without any risk of compatibility when you connect INON strobe like "Z-240" / "D-2000" etc and INON strobe arm "Arm II".

  • INON "Z Adapter"
  • INON "YS Adapter"+ INON "YS Adapter Fixing Bolt"

  • INON "Z Adapter" / "YS Adapter" / "YS Adapter Fixing Bolt" uses a cap screw with thumb knob as "fixing screw" like [ULCS "AD-IN" Adapter]. So make sure to tighten the fixing screw by hand.

--Inquiry --
    Above is all we have and no further information is available from us. Please directly contact your [ULCS "AD-IN" Adapter] purchasing dealer, ULCS representative or ULCS for any further inquiry on this issue.

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October 23th, 2007


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