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Thursday, February 2, 2006

"X-2" housing for Canon EOS 20D/10D

  • Digital SLR Camera Housing "X-2"
  • To be released in April, 2006
    Compatible digital camera:CANON EOS 20D、10D(*1)

  • "MRS60 Port" for EF-S 60mm Macro USM
  • To be released in April, 2006

  • "Magnet Ring 60 Set" for EF-S 60mm Macro USM
  • To be released in April, 2006

    (*1) "X-2" housing for Canon EOS 10D is BTO (built to order) and order should be made during February 13th through March 3rd, 2006. Delivery timing will be determined after the period.

    "X-2"(with 45°viewfinder) + "MRS60 Port" / Canon EOS 20D + Canon EF-S 60mm Macro configuration example [left:front, upper right :top panel , lower right:left side]

["X-2"Main features]

--Equipped with a viewfinder to see same size of shooting subject as in camera's view finder even though you see through mask underwater without vignetting in any eyesight.(*2) --
    Conventional pick-up finder scale down finder sight by lengthen its eye point to see a subject through mask without vignetting. It would be quite hard to exercise comfortable focusing underwater with conventional pick-up finder since CCD size of Canon 20D/10D is smaller than 35mm film size. With INON's 45°viewfinder, you can see whole eyesight with same finder magnification as camera's viewfinder even through mask underwater. Angled (45)°viewfinder helps you to shoot a subject on sea floor like a goby in sand area. 360°rotatable construction suits to take low angled vertical shot.

    (*2)A model with 45°viewfinder.

--Underwater TTL multi-strobe shooting is available with digital SLR camera--
    Four optical connectors are equipped and free from flooding risk which could happen with conventional electrical connector. Maximum four strobes can be connected even underwater for TTL Auto Strobe Shooting which requires only composition and pressing shutter to get correct exposure. Two Nikonos type electrical connectors(X-synch) can be added on as optional feature and you can use Nikonos compatible conventional strobes. The two electrical connectors work together with four optical connectors, so maximum 6 strobe shooting is possible.

    (*3)TTL shooting compatible strobe(S-TTL):D-2000S, D-2000、D-2000W、D-2000Wn(as of 2006.2)
    * 20D is fully compatible with S-TTL but 10D has different TTL system and not compatible with S-TTL. External Auto and Manual mode works with 10D.

--Control system layout is designed to be stress-free underwater --
    The layout is not just only to equip necessary control button/dial to use 20D(10D) underwater but to acquire user-friendliness. Especially, right hand control system allows you to comfortably change aperture or shutter speed which is necessary in manual shooting with holding a grip.

--Its quality level can not be obtained with cast --
    Compact body size is 178(w)×158(h)×116mm(d)(excluding projected parts) and lightweight of machined corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy.
    Weight:2,020g Weight (underwater):550g(with EF-S60mm Macro) * Including 45°viewfinder

  • INON X-1 series port (which use multi-coated optical lens) is also compatible with X-2 housing to exploit high performance of EOS20D(10D) .

  • Equipped with a leak sensor to warn water leakage by red LED and buzzer. Other uniquie feature of X-1 housing like 3D guide system is inherited by X-2 housing.

  • ["MRS60 Port" / "Magnet Ring 60 Set" Main features]
      EF-S60mm Macro USM will have advantage of MRS Port which was only for EF100mm Macro. MRS Port uses magnet attraction power and enables focusing operation by rotating lens barrel as on land with light torque(*4)
      EF-S60mm Macro USM is a compact macro lens without changing its lens barrel length when focusing and can zoom in/zoom out all the way in half rotation of control ring to shoot life size macro shot. MRS60Port is compact and has controllability underwater with advantageous character of MRS system. M67 screw mount is equipped with port edge and UCL-330 , UCL-165M67 can be installed.

      (*4)MRS system is patented in U.S. and Japan.
      * Optional "Magnet Ring 60 Set" is necessary for manual focus operation

    --Initial "X-2" will be produced at following specifications.--

    • with 45°viewfinder
    • without Nikonos type electrical connector (X-synch only)
    • (INON Inc. will provide remodeling option to add the connector at additional cost)

      When ordering, please note above specifications and specify model from following.

    • X-2 for EOS 20D (Black)
    • X-2 for EOS 20D (Titanium color)
    • X-2 for EOS 10D (Black) (*1)
    • X-2 for EOS 10D (Titanium color) (*1)

    • (*1)10D model is BTO (built to order) and order should be made during February 13th, 2006 through March 3rd, 2006. Delivery timing will be determined after the period.

    • "X-2" is made of machined corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy which gives high quality/high texture. On the other hand, production volume per month is limited and not available for immediate delivery upon order.

    • Following brochure also explains above products.
    • Digital SLR camera housing "X-2"

    • (PDF:131KB)

    February 8th, 2006
    INON Inc.


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