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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Port for Olympus E series

We are pleased to announce new "Dome Port"(for 8mm fish-eye lens) and "MRS Port" (for 50mm macro lens) to support Olympus "PT-E03" / "PT-E02" / "PT-E01"(*1) (genuine underwater housing for Olympus "E system" digital SLR camera "E-410 (EVOLT E-410)" / "E-330 (EVOLT E-330)" / "E-300 (EVOLT E-300)"(*1)

  • Dome Port Olympus

  • --Scheduled release date : August 7th, 2007
  • Dome Port Olympus・Protector II Set (*2)

  • --Scheduled release date : August 7th, 2007
  • Protector II
  • --Available in the market
  • MRS Olympus 50 Port(without MRS Control Ring) (*3)

  • --Scheduled release date : August 7th, 2007
  • MRS Olympus 50 Port (*4)

  • --Scheduled release date : August 7th, 2007
  • Magnet Ring・Olympus 50 Set (*5)

  • --Scheduled release date : August 7th, 2007

    "Dome Port Olympus・Protector II Set"

    "MRS Olympus 50 Port"(left),
    "Magnet Ring・Olympus 50 Set"(right)

    Contact Olympus Corporation for detail of camera / underwater housing. INON Inc. confirms product compatibility based on a camera/housing available in Japan.

    The Set includes "Protector II" protecting lens surface of Dome Port from accidental damage. The Protector II also helps to suppress flare/ghost in backlit condition and is recommended to use all time.

    Does not have MRS Control Ring which controls focus ring of the lens. Suitable for a user using only "auto focus" or using Olympus focus gear "PPZR-E04" to control "zoom dial" on the water-proof protector. Optional "MRS Control Ring (60/100UII/Olympus 50)" is available to upgrade to "MRS Olympus 50 Port".

    INON unique "MRS system" compatible. The MRS system uses magnetic attraction to rotate lens barrel for manual focusing like as land operation of a camera. Optional "Magnet Ring Olympus 50 Set" (attaches on 50mm macro lens) is necessary for manual focusing.

    Installed on 50mm macro lens instead of conventional focus gear for manual focusing by magnetic attraction.

    Patented in Japan (3714742) and the U.S. (5,822,622).

--Features of each product--

    Dome Port Olympus
    Dome Port Olympus・Protector II Set (*2)

    "Dome Port Olympus・Protector II Set" installed on PT-E03 / E-410

--Employs renowned Port Lens same as "X1" / "X-2" housing system--

    INON "X1 Dome Port" is the first optical system using optical glass/multi-coating for consumer underwater camera system to acquire optimum image quality. The "X1 Dome Port" provides high-contrast and sharp image with optimum image quality even in peripheral part eliminating flare/ghost, and compatible INON "X1" film SLR camera housing is still popular among serious underwater shooters as an ideal underwater camera system for high quality wide shooting.
    This high quality wide shooting property is inherited to latest INON digital SLR camera housing "X-2" and now its reputation is unassailable. The "Dome Port Olympus" makes Olympus E system user enjoy the benefit of "X1 Dome Port" . The "Dome Port Olympus" uses optical glass/multi-coating to provides sharp image as same as "X1" / "X-2".

--Shade Sheet to block built-in flash light for high-contrast image--

    INON now supports Olympus "E-410" / "PT-E03" to use INON "S-TTL" auto strobe "D-2000"/"Z-240" connecting via fiber optics for simple and reliable TTL auto shooting by an external strobe without flooding risk. The supplied Shade Sheet is effectively block built-in flash light to suppress exposure of built-in flash light on an image (which is drawback of using Olympus genuine dome port "PRO-E04") to provide high-contrast result.

--Ultra light body with optical glass--

    The Dome Port weighs approx. 665g / 21oz, 745g / 24oz (including protector) which is 20% lighter than Olympus genuine dome port "PRO-E04" and benefits easy handling both on land / underwater

--Compatible camera / underwater housing (*1): --

    Olympus"E-300 (EVOLT E-300)"/ Olympus "PT-E01",
    Olympus "E-330 (EVOLT E-330)"/ Olympus "PT-E02",
    Olympus "E-410 (EVOLT E-410)"/ Olympus "PT-E03"

--Compatible lens (*1):--

    Olympus "ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 8mm F3.5 Fisheye"

--Compatible focus gear (*1):--

    Olympus "PPZR-E05"

MRS Olympus 50 Port (*4)
MRS Olympus 50 Port (without MRS Control Ring) (*3)
Magnet Ring・Olympus 50 Set

"MRS Olympus 50 Port",
"Magnet Ring・Olympus 50 Set" installed on PT-E03 / E-410

--"MRS" system compatible for natural manual focusing--

    The INON unique "MRS system" uses magnetic attraction to rotate lens barrel for manual focusing like as land operation of a camera.(*6). The MRS system does not use mechanical gear for smooth manual focusing with minimum torque which is great advantage in macro shooting. The "MRS system" is free from a drawback of conventional underwater housing to operate a macro lens having large extension amount by a small control dial. Now Olympus E system user can benefit this very well established "MRS system" which is employed for not only INON "X1" / "X-2" but other brand housing system. The lens port uses an optical glass with multi coating for high image quality.

    Manual focusing by “MRS system”

--Flexible system for every user, easy to use teleconverter --

    It is not necessary to prepare full set from the beginning to start underwater shooting. You can buy necessary equipment step by step depending on shooting style, subject and growth of your skill. Below is some of recommended package to start with minimum equipments and easy to upgrade with least investment.

    1) Only using "auto focusing":
      1-a) INON "MRS Olympus 50 Port (without MRS Control Ring)"

    2) Using conventional "gear" for manual focusing:
      2-a) INON "MRS Olympus 50 Port (without MRS Control Ring)"
      2-b) Olympus Focus Gear "PPR-E04"(*1)

    3) Upgrading to "MRS system" from above 1) or 2):
      3-a) INON "MRS Olympus 50 Port (without MRS Control Ring)"
      [same as 1-a)/2-a). Not necessary to buy extra]
      3-b) INON "MRS Control Ring (60/100UII/Olympus50)"
      3-c) INON "Magnet Ring Olympus 50 Set"

    4) Using "MRS system" for manual focusing:
      4-a) INON "MRS Olympus 50 Port"
      [Combination of 3-a) and 3-b)]
      4-b) INON "Magnet Ring Olympus 50 Set"

    5) Add "teleconverter" to above 3) or 4):
      5-a)  INON "MRS Olympus 50 Port"
      [Combination of 3-a) and 3-b), same as 4-a). Not necessary to buy extra.]
      5-b) INON "MRS Control Ring (60/100UII/Olympus50)"
      [Same as 3-c) or 4-b). Not necessary to buy extra.]
      5-c) Olympus ZUIKO DIGITAL 1.4x Teleconverter "EC-14" (*1)
      5-d) Olympus Port Extension Ring "PER-E01" (*1)

--M67 screw mount to attach conventional close-up lens for digital camera--
    M67 screw mount is equipped on the edge of the port to mount either of two types of INON close-up lens (UCL-165M67 or UCL-330). You can choose ideal shooting distance depending on a subject/condition.

--Compatible camera / underwater housing (*1):--
    Olympus "E-300 (EVOLT E-300)"/ Olympus "PT-E01",
    Olympus "E-330 (EVOLT E-330)"/ Olympus "PT-E02",
    Olympus "E-410 (EVOLT E-410)"/ Olympus "PT-E03"

--Compatible lens (*1): --
    Olympus "ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 50mm F2.0 Macro"

--Compatible teleconverter / port extension ring (*1):--
    Olympus "ZUIKO DIGITAL 1.4x Teleconverter EC-14"/ Olympus "PER-E01"

--Compatible focus gear (*1):--
    (Necessary only for manual focusing without "MRS system")

July 10th, 2007


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